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Meet our Roast Levels: Origin - Sweet Spot - Developed.


Origin has the terroir of the country of origin. Bright and fruity cup with acidity and nuances.

Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot is about the overall balance of the cup. Round and Sweet. More chocolate, nuts, and caramel.


Developed is roast forward. Complex roast craft, dark caramelization and heavier body. Your elders cup.

Stewards of the Bean

Every choice we make, every technique used is purposeful. Our role in the coffee journey is to highlight the unique qualities of the exceptional coffee we source.

Visit the Roastery & Local Pick-Up

1819 Broad St
Suite 101
Chattanooga, TN 37408

Pickup available with local orders.

Retail hours 10:00-6:00 (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Closed on Sunday & Monday