Scenic City Blend


Crowd pleasing! This blend is a classic breakfast blend, but pairs great with all food. A coffee for every generation, it's just delicious coffee. Developed Roast

We Taste: Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Toffee, and Caramelized Sugar

Origin: Colombia & Guatemala

Region: Antioquia & Huehuetenango   

Altitude: 1500-1900 masl

Process Method: Classic Washed for both Coffees

Roast level: Developed

Blend Story-  This blend I created with Chattanooga in mind. The name reflects the city as do the flavors in the cup.  I wanted this to be a classic and chose the two coffees for this purpose. This is the "family gathering coffee". These two beans work well together because of similar bean traits specifically density and size, blending them prior to roasting creates a more uniform flavor experience. 

Roasting Notes: I roast this pre-blend in a mini profile version of my Twin cities blend epic Peace Coffee profile. That was the one roast that Target Corp requested when adding Peace Coffee to their 23 midwest stores! So I kinda knew it was a winner. I shortened this profile quite a bit. In every phase from the original. The basics are a standard Sweet spot profile. But with a crazy slow long development phase for a developed roast. To a sweet spot, drop temperature.  But because of the added time the roast is much darker at that drop temperature than a traditional sweet spot roast.