Cactus Flower Blend


Our first Super Blend! Highly nuanced and heavy fruit flavor. Great for Japanese cold brew, classic pour over, or a fruit forward espresso. Origin Roast

We Taste: All the red fruits, citrus blossom, raspberry, and nectarine. 

Origin: Ethiopia, Ethiopia, & Ethiopia. 

Region: 3 different Yirgacheffe 

Farm/Washing Station/Mill- Worka (for two of them)

Variety: Heirloom

Altitude: 1912-2300 masl

Process Method: One Natural, One Anaerobic Natural, and One Washed, all dried on raised beds. 

Roast Level: Post Roast Blend, Origin Roasts on all 3. 

Blend Story: This is our first Super Blend. Cactus flower will always be a super blend! A super blend is a blend that exceeds all expectations of flavor from the included ingredients. These are greens that some might think you would never blend based on quality. But rules like these are meant to be broken in my opinion, my first super Blend used a La Esmeralda 1500 meter Giesha. This blend is three origin roasts: 1 washed and 2 naturals.  All ideal roasts for the specific green. Then I use the blend ration to get the flavor profile as good as it can be. 

Roasting Notes:  Like I alluded to in the blend information I roast all of these greens(3). To their own very specific origin roast profile. Some of these SO roasts could be available as a SO from us. Once I have an ideal profile for all of these greens I begin blending them in varied ratios. I then continue to work the ratios down for the most nuanced exotic sweet complex unique flavor profile I can achieve. This blend will exist while these components are in stock. Once one component runs out we will redo the entire blend to a similar but different flavor profile.