What Is Coffee?

That question always made me smile when Joe would pose it to our coffee roasting class! 

"What is coffee?" he would ask, and it was met with silence, as it seems a kinda trick or obvious question. It wasn't! After a few timid responses the class would warm up to the question and answers would become rapid fire- a beverage, an experience, a seed, a plant, a drug, an agricultural product, a connection, get up n go juice, a routine, a way to make a living, and many more meaningful answers! 

They were all right. Great question Joe!!! Coffee being such a diverse world there is a place for every individual to fit in.

Coffee is very special in all its forms! There are many ways to enjoy it and participate in its enjoyment! We at Xozio focus on the sourcing and roasting of exceptional coffee from around the world for all coffee lovers and drinkers. 


Always room at the table

Classes & Consultation

Do you want to learn more about coffee, or the science and art of coffee roasting?

Reach out to discuss education and consultation. Classes and education can be one on one or in a group setting & we offer a variety of options regarding private consultation.We would love to discuss how we can help you reach your goals.

Interested in tasting coffee with others, enjoying a new type of culinary experience. Awesome! Let's discuss a private tasting event for your friends, family or your coworkers.

The Science and Art of Coffee Roasting - Consultation & Education.


Hosted by Derek De laPaz. The XOZIO channel we will focus on the science and art of coffee roasting.

His videos will include educational guides on Coffee roasting methods and techniques, Coffee roasting process, Coffee roasting equipment, Roastery set up, machine maintenance, and sourcing green coffee. Derek's goal- is to teach you How to get the most out of your green coffee, inspire you on your coffee journey, and spark your passion for this product and process!

Events and Happenings

We have started to host public coffee tastings on Saturdays at the Roastery. Tickets are available on XOZIO Eventbrite.

Reach out via our contact form with any questions or if you would like to book a private tasting, or education event.