The origin of XOZIO Coffee

X - O - Z - I - O - What's in a name

My marching orders are business name, business model, business plan, and business location. So from an infinite list of to do's, I have 4 clear actionable tasks. Alright let's come up with a business name.
February 15, 2024 — Derek Delapaz

Coffee, Coffee, Nashville, and More Yummy Coffee!

Diego Bermudez of Finca El Paraiso in Colombia makes many very special coffee's. I pre-contracted through The Coffee Quest-6 35kg bags of his Red Plum process. We used it for the Ten Year BP anniversary. It was Red Plum from first sip to final drink through and through! 
February 11, 2024 — Derek Delapaz
Minneapolis to Chattanooga & In-Between.

Minneapolis to Chattanooga & In-Between.

I found a new culinary muse-coffee roasting.  Visiting and connecting with the farmers that create this amazing product we call coffee at origin. As a Chef I never had the close relationship with the producers that I always wanted. Now as a production roaster I did. That was a huge difference in those two industries for me.
February 10, 2024 — Derek Delapaz