Kenya Nyeri Hills-AA


A bright, sweet, washed process Kenya that brings the lovely unique flavors of the other East Africa coffee powerhouse. Origin Roast

We Taste: Maple Candy, Tomato Jelly, Malt, Yellow Plum, Golden Raisin, Cocoa, Caramel, Roasted Almond. 

Origin: Kenya

Region: Nyeri County

Farm/Washing Station/Mill - Nyeri Hills Estate

Variety: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiri 11-AA size

Altitude: 1900-2220 masl

Process Method: Washed and dried on raised beds. 

Roast Level: Origin  

Roasting Notes: This is the "Codebreaker" profile from my Mill City video days with slight adjustments. I’m using a 7 minute dry phase, a 4:05 mid phase, and a 1:50 development with 15 degree’s of movement from 1st crack. This is a very different profile than any I do. But it does work well with very large, very dense, washed coffee’s.   

Sourcing Notes:I sourced this coffee from Balzac. This is my third year getting the Kenya Nyeri but my first getting the AA. They didn’t have the AB available this year. I’ve learned to love the complexity of flavor and the unique cup a Kenyan coffee provides. The maple note and the savory tomato make it hard to replicate or replace. The Nyeri Hills Estate this year is very balanced, sweet, nice mild savory, and lovely clean crisp complex acidity.

Coffee Info/Story: I was never a fan of the light roasted Kenya of my early coffee roasting experience. The love of these coffee’s confused me to say the least. They seemed out of balance. With way too much acidity bordering on heavy sour to raw acidity, because of that I was never interested in roasting these greens. 

Then a good roaster friend of mine sent me his Kenya creation that he was very excited about. After my initial confusion around why he sent me a Kenya, I decided to cup it and give him my feedback. This cup blew me away! It forever changed my perspective on Kenya coffee’s, now I got it.  I asked him for the profile information so that I could use it when the time comes. 

Then at Mill City I sourced my first Kenya. To develop his profile but in my roast style. The profile was so different that I gave it a name "Codebreaker", because I really felt like Jacob and I had broken the Kenya code! Cheers to friends and learning new roast methods!

From the Importer: