Little Bell Blend


This is my everyday cup. Clean and crisp with nice red fruit notes and a touch of citrus. Balanced flavor, approachable with subtle fruit nuance. Origin Roast

We Taste: Ripe Red Fruit, Citrus Melange, & Candied Almond

Origin: Kenya and Ethiopia

Region: Nyeri County and Yirgacheffe 

Farm/Washing Station/Mill- Nyeri Hills and Gargari Gutity

Variety: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiri 11, and Kurume

Altitude:1900-2300 masl

Process Method: Classic Washed & Natural-Dried on Raised Beds

Roast Level: Origin Roasts for Both 

Blend Story- A blend that has the clean delicate qualities of a washed coffee in combination with the red fruit notes of a natural. The focus of this cup is on overall flavor balance, showcasing just enough sweetness & just enough acidity to create a cup that is great for everyday drinking. This blend is a new version of D's Blend, which was created from wanting the best of both worlds. I burned myself out drinking only natural processed Ethiopia coffees (because they are delicious) and then went to the other side of the spectrum and drank only clean delicate washed coffees. This led me to a blend of both cups & the original "D's Blend" was created. I named this newest version "Little Bell" after the little bell I was gifted by my good friend Jake for my first motorcycle. Enjoy! 

Roasting Notes: These two roasts are Origin Roasts. The Kenya roast is a current version of my "Codebreaker" Kenya profile I developed at Mill City with help from my roaster friend Jacob. The dry is long, 7 minutes, then a 4:05 mid, with a 1:50 development phase but only 15 degrees of movement from 1st

I roast this Ethiopia very quickly. It is a tiny bean, Mocca variety. So less overall cook time. This coffee has lovely sweetness and creamy body, so no profile work needed there. Just finding the exact overall time(and phase times) and the perfect drop temperature to capture the most complex fruit forward flavor profile.