Halve Maen (Half Moon) Blend


Created specifically for Espresso, yet is a great House Blend or Cold Brew. Approachable classic coffee flavors in a nuanced way, with complexity in the cup. Sweet Spot Roast

We Taste: Butter Caramel, Citrus, Macadamia Nut, Milk Chocolate

Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia

Region: Carmo De Minas, Sidama, Huila    

Altitude: 1200-2300 masl

Process MethodClassic Washed, Pulped Natural, & Natural 

Roast level: Sweet Spot

Blend Story-  This blend I created for the espresso machine, yet any brew method is going to showcase the complex & balanced flavors. The Brazil Natural brings nice body, approachable nuttiness & sweetness. The Colombia Pulp Natural adds juiciness & complexity. The washed Ethiopia rounds it out with citrus notes and crispness. This blend ratio and the components do most of the work for you. I developed this blend with my Extraction Specialist friend Sam from Nashville. 

Roasting Notes: Roasting a pre-blend is a nice way to create unique flavors that don’t arise any other way. It obviously needs a good roast plan and a good machine operator with excellent machine control. The other upside to a pre-blend is a more consistent extraction rate on the espresso machine for the mixed beans. At least that's what all my barista/extractor friends say. So then when roasting I focus on the fastest roasting bean and the slowest roasting bean. So you don’t overcook one and under cook another. Then everything in the middle just needs to find its roast level home. So these profiles are slower, longer, and lighter than SO roasts. But with more developed flavors at that roast level. I love the challenge of developing an excellent pre-blend roast profile. And honestly I always find the results when well done more than the sum of parts!