Have it Your Way

Roast Level

This subscription is for those who like a specific roast level and the flavors that often go along with that. There is no judgement here, drink what you love.

Developed- if you like your coffee really "well done", notes of Dark chocolate, Roasted nuts, Smoke. The coffee you get with your favorite chocolate cake, or with waffles & bacon.  

Sweet Spot- if you like a balanced cup, with hints of those lovely origin flavors, not too acidic not too sweet. Every coffee has a song inside and Sweet Spot is the roast that brings it out. 

Origin- if you like all the flavors from origin, the citrus, the fruit, the delicate floral's. You are not afraid of acidity and nordic style roasts speak to you. Close your eyes and imagine you are at origin. 

Decaf- Evenings when you want a good cup of coffee and want to sleep? Decaf. If you love coffee but don't do caffeine anymore? Decaf. Still delicious & expertly roasted, decaf has come a long way.