Guatemala, Huehuetenango, Ceiba


This is a crowd pleasing coffee.  Sweet and nutty, very much a "snickers" coffee; caramel, nuts & chocolate. Sweet Spot Roast

We Taste: Panella, Candied Walnut, Orange, & Milk Chocolate. 

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetenango

Farm/Washing Station/Mill: Smallholder farms and producers

Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica, Catuai, Catimor, Sarchimor, Pache, and Pacamara Varieties. 

Altitude: 1500 masl

Process MethodClassic Washed

Roast level: Sweet Spot

Roasting Notes: A nice roast on a Guatemalan might be the first profile I loved in my roasting career. It was the light roasted Huehuetenango Guatemala Rio Azul at peace coffee that Roaster Ryan (Ryan Seibold) maintained. He was the drip coffee roaster expert when I started. I learned everything about roasting for drip in my early years at Peace from Ryan. This roast is very much an evolution of that roast. It is a standard dry phase for a washed central coffee of this size and density. The mid I extend slightly for increased mouthfeel and sweetness. Then I use a 2:30 development phase to a 60 on the SCA specialty roast scale. 

Sourcing Notes: I sourced this coffee because I love the delicate floral sweet clean citrus greens of the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. I need a lovely tasty version of this coffee every year. I use it for a great SO Guatemala. But also a pre-blend component and a post blend component for my blends. This coffee excels at all roast levels. So it’s ultimately useful in the roastery. These cups always hit so much above their price point. 

Coffee Info/Story: Named for Guatemala's national tree, the Cieba it is Ally's Core Coffee from Guatemala. In early Mayan and Mesoamerican cultures, the Cieba symbolized the connection between land and sky. The Cieba lot from Huehuetenanago is a community coffee, investing in sustainable sourcing to benefit a large group of producers. This cup profile boasts a rich floral and berry aroma and is full of chocolate, lemon, and raspberry. With a creamy body thanks to the specific Huehuetenango terroir. 

Ally's sourcing partner for Cieba, Unitrade Coffee, maintains a close connection with producers and is active in improving regional coffee infrastructure. After the leaf rust epidemic several years ago, Huehuetenango is still recovering and Unitrade's support of producers has been crucial to keeping family farms in operation. Coffee From the mountain communities around Huehuetenango is specifically selected for its fruity profile. -Ally Coffee