Colombia, Quindio, Finca Belen



This offering is exotic, winey, and complex. For the beverage aficionado or someone wanting a unique coffee experience. Origin Roast

We Taste: pink bubblegum, elder flower, port wine, and ripe red fruits. 

Origin: Colombia 

Region: Quindio

Farm/Washing Station/Mill: Finca Belen 

Altitude: 1350 masl

Process Method: 64 Hour Natural 

Roast level: Origin 

Roasting Notes: This green roast’s a little strangely. It is a large bean, dense, but also delicate and slightly varied because of its processing. The green is very mottled. From light yellows to greens to darker tans and browns. This type of green always yields a little spectrum of roast level. Unavoidable but also kinda neat in the way the green creates complexity in the cup. So I roast this coffee very delicately. And use the mid colored/medium developing beans as my visual.

Sourcing Notes: I sourced this coffee because of its exotic kinda crazy flavor profile. It is heavy in elder flower/St. Germaine flavors. Something I loved from my first Manos Juntas Colombia natural lots. But also this pink bubblegum note that is pretty strong and a more subtle note once the cup cools-fresh watermelon. You also have heavy wine and red fruit notes. Nice sweetness and buttery body. Really nice example of more experimental processing for a quality cup.  

Coffee Info/Story: This pink bourbon lot has been grown under shade for several years. Once picked, the coffee is sorted to remove any under ripe cherries. It is then packed into sealed bags and fermented for 64 hours in a controlled temperature environment. After fermentation it is moved to a drying patio and dried under direct sun. It is moved several times a day to ensure even drying. - Anthem Coffee Importers