Colombia, Finca Media Luna


A unique washed Colombia offering of the sweet complex balanced Chiroso variety roasted to showcase the unique flavors of this green coffee. Origin Roast

We Taste: Peach nectar, apple tart, clover honey, green grape, candied almond, butter caramel, fresh peach, sugar cane, Kiwi, butter, and starfruit.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Urrao, Antioquia

Farm/Washing Station/Mill-  Finca Media Luna

Variety: Chiroso

Altitude: 1950 masl

Process Method: Washed, dried on raised beds. 

Roast level: Origin

Roasting Notes: I wanted this roast to be as light as I will roast. This coffee is super nuanced and delicate & also expensive. So what that means is the overall profile goal is to create balance and high drinkability, while not losing any of the nuance. I started with the Ecuador profile because it was a good overall fit (physical green qualities and process) but also because this coffee will be replacing Ecuador in our lineup. However, that profile seemed a little too short. So, next I went to the Las Perlitas profile as this green is very physically similar although flavors are very different. Las Perlitas profile is also more developed or slightly darker. That profile seemed too dark and a little too long. After another roast that split the difference of time and temperature between the first two, I had this cup where I wanted it for release. Media Luna Profile is 4:45 to GY, 8:15 to 1st C, Plus 1:55 and 18 degrees.

Coffee Info/story: This is the first Chiroso variety I’ve ever purchased and roasted. I had first heard of this variety from the interwebs around 2023. It is a Colombia variety that I’ve only seen a few importers talk about and source. Coffee folk on the interweb enjoyed this unique coffee and it grew in popularity. This year “The Coffee Quest ''(one of my importers) brought it to the SCA event to cup and share with everyone. I wasn’t able to attend (the SCA expo) but I was excited about this new variety nonetheless. I ordered up my samples from "The Coffee Quest" for evaluation and potentially purchasing. I really enjoyed the malic acid and subtle nuisance of these coffees. I also enjoyed the heavy sweetness, buttery body, and clean cup. This variety was classic and new and exploratory all at the same time. So I selected my favorite and got lucky as the one bag I wanted was still available!